a)Describe IMEI and its parts.
b)Write about APN and its importance for GPRS.
c)Compare Signal Encryption with Call Encryption.
d)Compare In-band and Out-of-band signaling. Which should be preferred and why?
e)What is Tandem Call?
Describe IN Conceptual Model (INCM)
Describe the limitations of GPRS.
Describe GPRS Network Architecture.
a)What do you mean by a Device? Explain with example.
b)What is Synchronous transmission?
c)Compare Bit Stuffing and Octet Stuffing in HDLC.
d)Describe with example Iso-Synchronous Transmission?
e)Differentiate Standard and Extended HDLC.
Describe HDLC frame structure
Compare Synchronous and Asynchronous serial input characteristics.
Short Notes
a)Compare Simplex, Duplex and Half Duplex communication with examples.
b)Classify I/O Devices
I can’t currently upload my notes to the website due to server problem. I will post them here.ES-2-2-HDLC and ES-2-1-Devices.