Hi Readers,

It is since long I posted on my blog. Now as part of the course work for the FDP of IIT-B, I am creating this blog post.

The current FDP is a good one for Teaching Fraternity of colleges because it introduces them to ICT based techniques for Learning. I have been dabbling with many of these very seriously since 3-4 years since so I am quite familiar with it. This Blog is approximately 9 years or so old. I had my personal website http://www.manik.in since 2005, 11 years and counting.

There are several tools for every technology teacher this FDP focuses on However there are more. Every teacher should have some background knowledge of the following :-

  • Creating interesting learning material like Walk-throughs, Screen recordings, animations
  • Creating Assessment materials like quizzes
  • Managing student progress by tools like Excel or custom ones.
  • Using group in hangout, whatsapp to keep in touch with students and to instantly contact them.
  • Using website to create your own pages, tutorials and articles. So on…

This FDP is a good starting point for many things. Moodle though a dated software is still good. There are Sakai, Efront etc. By the way everyone should at least try coursesites by Blackboard, it is too good.

One gripe about this FDP is that the Moodle of IIT Bombay does not support the Moodle Mobile App. Possibly they should update their moodle or tweak the settings.

The Video lectures by Prof. Sahana Murty are quite good. They surely have very nice recording equipment. So far, so good.