Yesterday at-least four of my students rang me up for their doubts. It is not unnatural but the stride of their studies are quite disturbing. Approximately after 10 classes from start of the semester, they got themselves indulged in the placement spree. Nevertheless, classes were missed. They made it a custom to miss the day previous to the placement day albeit for preparations; the d’ day for competition and the following day to take rest.

Not to overemphasize, they lost oodles of classes. Now as BPUT started to hammer their heads with the exam time table, they are realizing now what has passed out!

If this much would have been the story then it would have been fine. Still to come; the shock!

A couple of days back I took an abandoned class in the pack-slotted extra classes schedule. To my horror, only a few students were there. From the list of the absentees were many notable faces:-

The CEO of PriyaZeem Productions, The specific students who had handed me problems to solve, regular absentees … -Oh my God! with approx ~10 students I started the discussion.

If they miss regular classes, drop extra classes, whack the class test, what is in store is only a matter of plain guess!

May God Help Them. (Tathastu, Amen, Zumma-ameen)